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WIX allows a complete novice to create incredible websites with a simple drag and drop interface.  WIX is great solution for the person that wants a great looking website but does not want to learn how to code or use difficult interfaces to achieve your website dreams.

Starting your website on WIX is easy, just sign-up and start building.  You can even completely built your website before you upgrade to get you personal domain and remove the WIX ads across your site.  To give you website a professional appearance, upgrading to a one of their premium plans.

WIX Promo Code – 33% Off

Once you have decided that you want to upgrade your WIX website to a premium plan be sure to follow this link to get the greatest discount possible. Click on the promo code below and enjoy your discount!


33% Off WIX Promo Code

Save 33% On a Yearly Unlimited Plan! + Get a $75 Google AdWords Voucher & FREE Domain!

33% Off WIX Promo Code

Save 33% On a Yearly Unlimited Plan! + Get a $75 Google AdWords Voucher & FREE Domain!

How To Use The WIX Discount Code

The process is really simple and easy.  Start by clicking on the promo code above for 33% off and a free domain and $75 Google AdWords credit to get free advertising from Google.  After you click the link, either log into the account you want to upgrade using the discount code or create a new Unlimited account.  Choose you new private domain and get started building on one of the easiest drag and drop builders in the industry.


WIX Review

The WIX drag and drop website builder is a great solution for the entrepreneur or small business owner that wants a professional on-line image but can’t (or doesn’t want to) afford to pay an agency to develop a simple website for them.  Through Wix.com you can build your website, get your unique domain and set-up professional business email address like yourname@yourbuisness.com.

When choosing to upgrade your plan, which you should as someone who wants a professional on-line appearance, be sure to select at least the Unlimited plan.  You will want their form builder app so you can collect leads from your new website.  This app is included in their Unlimited plan.  If you are unsure about the value in upgrading your plan check out this post:  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Free Website Builders.

Templates For Your Website

WIX does make even creating your outline really easy with their industry specific templates.  This allows you to just modify the content and everything you need for a professional website is done.  Their templates are clean, modern and of course very user friendly.  You will not make a bad decision when choosing your WIX website template.

WIX for eCommerce

What WIX does well is to make it easy to create and build a professional looking website with the need for coding knowledge.  It is a great visual builder.  They take this expertise to the eCommerce space with an eCommerce plan specifically designed for those people who want to sell their products on-line.  This plan includes everything in their Unlimited plan and adds the WIX on-line store.  This gives you the ability to sell you products on-line with all the advantages of what makes WIX such an approachable choice.

WIX eCommerce Coupon Code – 30% Off

Get 30% off of an eCommerce Yearly Package. Get your coupon now!

30% Off WIX Promo Code

Save 30% On a Yearly eCommerce Plan! + Get a $75 Google AdWords Voucher & FREE Domain!

30% Off WIX Promo Code

Save 30% On a Yearly eCommerce Plan! + Get a $75 Google AdWords Voucher & FREE Domain!


WIX Is Mobile Ready

With the great templates that WIX provides as part of its drag and drop builder, they are all mobile ready.  This is incredibly important since half of all website traffic is on mobile devices.  Ensuring that you website looks professional and gives a great user experience not matter what type of device they are on is essential to your professional on-line image.

Of course, before making any new website building or hosting decision familiarize yourself with the 24 Web Host Features You Should Know.

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