Website hosting is not a one size fits all service.  Many factors go into deciding what type of hosting plan you need and what you need from your hosting company.  We have found that most websites and website owners fall into three categories:  Cheap Hosting, Performance Hosting and Enterprise Hosting.  Through extensive research, testing and our experiences, we have determined the best company and plan for each category.

Cheap Hosting

Cheap hosting often times gets a bad rap from sub-standard hosting companies.  Cheap hosting plans also known as shared hosting plans simply divide the server resources among several websites allowing for the hosting company to accept many more websites without scaling their infrastructure significantly.  Many websites thrive on cheap or shared hosting plans, usually local businesses, testing websites and any low traffic website can do really well on shared hosting plans without compromising quality or speed.

Key Characteristics of Cheap Hosting

  • Low traffic (under 100 visitors a day)
  • Informational in nature (not E Commerce)
  • WordPress or Weebly CMS
  • Custom Email addresses
  • Fast, easy set-up
  • Comprehensive support
  • Inexpensive

HC’s Top Rated Cheap Hosting

Starting at just $3.95/mo for a professional web presence, BlueHost takes our top spot for cheap hosting plans.  BlueHost has the easiest, server and CMS (WordPress, Weebly or Joomla) set-up in the industry with a simplified one-click install to get your website up and running.  Beyond the ultra-quick set-up, Bluehost has support that can and do handle all of your questions, and often times just fix the issue you are experiencing.

Performance Hosting

Performance hosting is our designation for websites that require extra computing power, exceptional speed and/or the ability to scale quickly.  Performance hosting is usually referred to as “cloud” hosting.  This type of server setup creates several identical copies of your website across many server locations and delivers your website from the closest server cluster.

Characteristics of Performance Hosting

  • E Commerce sites
  • High Bandwidth sites (lot of video or pictures)
  • Multiple sites
  • Easily and quickly scalable
  • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento friendly
  • Exceptional Support

HC’s Top Rated Performance Hosting

Taking our top spot for performance hosting is Siteground.  Siteground gets high praise for their speed, ease of multi-site configurability, scalability, exceptional scores for the speed of their support and their ability to solve complex issues.  They are also among the fastest in the speed of delivery of your website(s).

Enterprise Hosting

We classify enterprise hosting as plans that allow for a dedication to server resources.  Usually referred to as VPS or Dedicated hosting, these plans allow you much greater control of the server.  This can be crucial for those that need greater control of the email, need to run separate, non website functions and/or want to isolate their domain from any “bad company”.

Enterprise Hosting Key Characteristics

  • Dedicated server resources
  • Non-website processes
  • Best for non-CMS sites
  • Developer Preferred
  • Highest Performance

HC’s Top Rated Enterprise Hosting

Not only does SiteGround take our top Performance hosting spot, it also garners our top spot for Enterprise Hosting.  Bottom-line, SiteGround has perfected high-end hosting.  Their Dedicated hosting allows you to choose the server requirements you need and provide the best server side support of any dedicated hosting provider.  The only reason to have an issue with their dedicated hosting is to have either chosen the wrong hardware (which is easy to switch) or have something set-up incorrectly.

Of course you have dozens of options to choose from when looking for your first or next hosting company.  We have done the hours of research needed to make an informed decisions to bring you only the best option for your hosting needs.

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